We are very proud our our 'Nourish' collection for adults and children and be able to donate a percentage of profits from each item sold to our chosen cancer charities – Macmillan Cancer Support and Children with Cancer UK.

Since my 30’s I have unfortunately battled through two journeys with breast cancer and because of the amazing support received I wanted to be able to raise money for charity through my passion of food, wellbeing and fashion.

Whilst I was unwell, and especially during chemotherapy with a lowered immunity, I decided to invest in myself and with the help of a nutritionist, attending workshops and my own research, I quickly started to change my eating habits by incorporating as many cancer fighting foods as possible into my diet. This change was very beneficial, and I discovered that cooking and consuming superfoods helped to make me feel so much better. My diet has now become a way of life, it’s now more balanced and still contains as many cancer fighting foods as I can fit in!

Nuts and bananas were recommended to me during my research (lucky as I adore both!) and were the inspiration behind the first products in the collection – the nuts and bananas t shirts! 

They were so popular we soon started to add to the range with the aim of every garment having a food related ingredient printed on it. All the slogans feature my favourite health boosting ingredients such as passionfruit, chilli and rocket - the play on words is a great bonus too!

As with all Annabel Brocks products, Nourish uses organic cottons and recycled fabrics, non-toxic inks and is proudly accredited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

I really hope that through Nourish I can highlight and promote to others the benefits of healthy eating whilst wearing colourful, comfortable and stylish garments.

I hope you love them as much as I do and keep your eye out for new designs this Autumn.